The world is black and white

16.05.19  -  18.05.19  


16 May • Exhibition Opening • 18:00h. - 22:00h.
17 May - 18 May • 14:30h. - 18:30h. 


On 16th,17th,18th of May BOLD Showroom is hosting an exhibition by Andrea Djivanova / Andrea Wolf Photography /.

Andrea Djivanova is a person of multiple interests. One of her biggest passions is photography. She does not aspire to any particular type of photography, at least not at this stage. She loves capturing the moments, emotions and sensations. From nature and animals to portraits and landscape, through architecture and urban spaces, across fine art and modern photography. Andrea captures anything and everything that gets her attention, spikes her emotions or captures her curiosity.

Black and White is one of her favorite styles of photography. Andrea believes that the black and white photography gives a certain depth, mystery, charm and everlasting beauty to everyday scenes.
“When you photograph a moment in black and white, it is as if that moment stays in history forever. It makes you feel as if you’re living in a fairytale. It leaves you somehow longing for more.” - Andrea Djivanova.