information for exhibitors

Who can take part?

BOLD Design Week’s goal is to give a chance to local and international designers to exhibit their works on the Bulgarian market. Organisers of BDW will work with individual designers, brands, manufacturers, retailers, galleries, universities, cultural institutions, government bodies, creative studios, venues and many others to create the event. BDW can involve almost any individual or organisation, as long as content is of high quality and relates to design.

For participation - find bellow and fill in the application form 

Design disciplines

BDW is open to disciplines of design relating to:

  • architecture & interior design

  • lighting and sound

  • home appliances and accessories

  • interior landscaping

  • product design

  • textile, graphic and digital design

  • display and stage design

  • food design

  • others

Talks / Presentations

Talks / Presentations can vary in concept and scale


  • product launches

  • workshops

  • installations & demonstrations

  • film screenings

  • pop-up events

  • competitions

  • others

Rent of the space

  1. Ground Floor – 175 BGN excl. VAT* per sq. meter

  2. First Floor – 175 BGN excl. VAT* per sq. meter

  3. Basement Floor – 155 BGN excl. VAT* per sq. meter

Minimum rent 2 sq.meters

Due to limited space and various sizes of the design pieces, BOLD Showroom team will be selecting participants and choosing locations for selected designs.

 first floor 

 ground floor


Visitor profile

    - Architects, Designers, Engineers, Constructors

    - Entrepreneurs

    - Retailers, Distributors 

    - Production Companies

    - Potential Clients

    - Others

Participation fee for Talks, Presentations, etc. – Upon discussion



  • BOLD DESIGN WEEK will help you showcase your designs and ideas, create contacts, find potential clients, distributors, production companies and more.

  • The event will be advertised through Posters, Flyers, Magazines and Online Publications.


  • Article about BDW in MD Magazine / More info about MD Magazine 

  • Professional photos from BDW which you will be able to use

  • DJ during opening of BDW

  • The event and its participants will be advertised in all of BDW and BOLD Showroom social media platforms 

  • Brochures will be printed for BDW with information and photos about your design/project/event. One page per brand/company/designer (discussed and approved in advance). Brochures will stay at BOLD Showroom after BDW as advertising material

  • One info page per brand/company/designer on BOLD Showroom website



If you rent more than 6 sq. meters:

  • Your brand will be individually mentioned as top partner and contributor of BDW in an article by MD Magazine in the winter issue

  • You will have video interview with MD Magazine, which will be published on their online platforms - Facebook, Instagram, website, YouTube

  • All articles and videos will be shared on the BDW and BOLD Showroom channels


Dates and working time

BOLD DESIGN WEEK: November 25th – December 1st, 2019

Official Opening Cocktail of BDW November 25th 19:00h – 22:00h

Every day from 11:00h till 19:00h



Indoor space – BOLD Showroom – bul. Hristo Smirnenski 58, Lozenets, Sofia


Participants must independently produce and finance their own product(s).



Participants must independently organise delivery/pick up of their works for BOLD Design Week to and from the BOLD Showroom.

In case of sale, participants must independently organise delivery of the pieces to the client.

Please send us filled in application forms to

Deadline for application – October 28th 2019

Phone : 0878606564 Denis Li